What Influence Does Social Media Have On Mental Health

me and shez

I can’t count on one hand the amount of posts I see from my friends stating that they are leaving a social media platform, and the reason… Because everyone else’s life seems amazing and put together while theirs is a… Continue Reading

When Anxiety Attacks!!! And 10 Ways To Beat It…

10 ways to beat anxiety

Although I am predominantly a confident and happy person I struggle quite a lot with anxiety and depression. The depression comes and goes and I’m not sure if that is just how it is or whether I have got so… Continue Reading

Living With Mental Illness…

Living with mental illness

“Mental illness is not something we as people like to talk about and despite what many people think living with mental illness doesn’t mean you’re constantly being reckless, constantly making stupid decisions and sitting in a padded room, wearing a… Continue Reading

Self Care! What Is It? Why Is It So Important?

Self care

You may have noticed the #SelfCareDares that I have been posting on my social media, some of you may have even joined in but how many of you actually know why self care is so important? To answer that question… Continue Reading

But You’ve Always Been Confident!

but you've always been confident

Whenever anyone that knows me reads about my body positive journey and my struggles throughout the years the first response I get is ‘But you’ve always been confident ever since I’ve known you!’ I respond by telling them that I… Continue Reading