Tess Holliday – Role Model or Bad Influence? You Decide!

Tess Holliday title image

Today, I have been chilling out and watching a few videos on youtube (one of my favourite pastimes) and I noticed a few videos regarding Tess Holliday (formerly known as Tess Munster). Now, if you don’t know who Tess is… Continue Reading

I’m fat…So what!

fat, so what?

Five years ago, if someone called me fat I would have died a little inside and then retreated to the safe and comfortable space of my own home…So what’s changed? Well, for starters I found the wonderful body positive movement… Continue Reading

Brand New Beginnings…

New & Improved

Welcome to my new and improved website. Those of you who have been here before will have probably notice a few changes with how my website is now running and also how it looks. The main reason behind this is,… Continue Reading