When good jobs go bad…

When good jobs go bad

  Imagine the scenario, you get a job that you actually quite enjoy, the boss is great and the staff that you work with are all pretty cool too. Awesome, or at least it is for the first 12 months.… Continue Reading

But You’ve Always Been Confident!

but you've always been confident

Whenever anyone that knows me reads about my body positive journey and my struggles throughout the years the first response I get is ‘But you’ve always been confident ever since I’ve known you!’ I respond by telling them that I… Continue Reading

I’m fat…So what!

fat, so what?

Five years ago, if someone called me fat I would have died a little inside and then retreated to the safe and comfortable space of my own home…So what’s changed? Well, for starters I found the wonderful body positive movement… Continue Reading

Meet the 4 people responsible for my self love journey

self love journey influences

As this is my first resource post on this blog I wanted to give you a little bit on an insight into how I got involved with the body positive, self love movement and the people who have inspired me… Continue Reading

Brand New Beginnings…

New & Improved

Welcome to my new and improved website. Those of you who have been here before will have probably notice a few changes with how my website is now running and also how it looks. The main reason behind this is,… Continue Reading